Our Values

Attached to the group of companies in 2006, MAIA Entreprises is first and foremost a wonderful human experience.
Its strength is the men and women who built it through meetings, exchanges, sharing, capitalisation of expertise... They have written the story of the company and will certainly shape its future.

Moreover, in the strategy adopted by the company, management has always favoured proximity over a broad geographical spread and expertise over activity that is too general.

This is what really distinguishes MAIA Entreprises from its competitors, which is recognised by many of our colleagues and clients.
Within the group of companies to which MAIA Entreprises is attached, consultants (on assignments with our clients or within our consultancy office), managers, and support functions work together to provide complete satisfaction for the client and thus grow the business in which they can plan their career development.


Joining MAIA Entreprises means:

  • building a great human adventure
  • being the promoter of a great human adventure
  • enjoying constant energy and dynamism
  • being involved in various sectors of activities, with different requirements and cultures
  • evolving into areas of business that are different to your training or current skills, in systems engineering, mechatronics, mechanics, electrical engineering, electronics, automation, embedded systems
  • being assigned innovative projects with a strong technological character
  • benefiting from opportunities for assignments at major accounts, SME's or startups, etc.
  • having the opportunity to get involved international
  • being assisted in your career path and career development
  • benefiting from an active human resources policy and being listened to by your colleagues

Besides technical skills and fields of expertise we recruit talented people with personalities brimming with intellectual curiosity, proactivity, a real ability to adapt and a proven sense of commitment.

Beyond performance, there is a desire to grow together and build a group of companies as far as each of your colleagues require.

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Your career

MAIA Entreprises strives to offer its employees innovative and strongly technical projects, to guarantee them an enrichment in their skills, as well as development in their fields of expertise and responsibility within the company.

Throughout the assignments conducted by the consultant, progress meetings are organised in order to ensure regular monitoring of quality of the work performed and to define improvement actions.

Each year, the consultant meets his manager for an assessment that leads to the development of a career plan that fits the skills acquired and the technical and functional changes desired.

This is a source of recommendations and the consultant works with the company to acquire a meaningful industrial culture that will allow him to evolve in the engineering and consulting profession.

Together, we are writing our future and building your career.


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« I joined the team at MAIA Entreprises as a consulting engineer in 2015 after having obtained a PhD in fluid mechanics and more specifically in digital simulation of fluid. '' I started my first assignment at a client specialised in engineering, planning and the creation of conveyor lines. The multidisciplined nature of this assignment allows me to highlight many skills such as for example the use of CAD tools in 3D and 2D to model future agri-food plants, to size and draw all of the pipework for the process, to create PIDs or to size gateways. This experience is very rewarding because it allows me to apply my knowledge and my skills while operating in an industry that was previously completely unknown to me. It is mainly this reason that motivates me to follow a consultancy career. »

Vivien, consulting engineer


« I started somewhat by chance in consulting 14 years ago, and I started my experience in the world of telephone terminals. This experience allowed me to acquire skills in plastic injection and electronic integration in products. An assignment entitled "location of production of packaging in China" gave me experience in industrial packaging. Then one day, an assignment leads you on to test bench studies and achievements for electronic boards in home automation. And to add to my skills, I am currently on an assignment in the aeronautical field with a core study of aeroplane electrics in which the skills of sheet metal, machining and assembly are important with training on the integration of components (relays, contactors, etc.) and wiring systems. In each assignment we bring our skills and learn from our client's knowledge. »

Pascal, consulting engineer


« After obtaining my diploma in mechanical design and industrial design, MAIA Entreprises recruited me as a consultant. For my first assignment I have started in a large international company for an office furniture design project. I work both on the technical points of the design of the product, on the design aspect, in collaboration with internal and also ergonomic designers. This is an assignment that perfectly matched the multidisciplinary aspect of my degree and allows me to further my skills in these areas. In this project, I am also required to study different types of materials for the design of our products and I thus continue to increase my knowledge and expertise in these. It is a diverse assignment that allows me to improve both professionally and personally. Thanks to having the profession of consultant, I know that I will be able to work on very varied projects throughout my career, discover new environments and continue to get better with each assignment, which is a remarkable attraction of my profession. »

Bérénice, consultant engineer


« After obtaining my degree in mechanical engineering, I was recruited by MAIA Entreprises, more specifically within the Research Department. During the different projects entrusted to me since my arrival at MAIA Entreprises, I have been able to improve my project management skills and sharpen my expertise in mechanics, and also carry out a project to reduce costs for an aerospace supplier.  As a result I began an assignment designing special machines for the automotive industry. This allows me to implement my skills in mechanical design, and also to work on complex projects that require the integration of multidisciplinary components. These different assignments have enabled me to increase my design skills, manage projects and also to work in a team and manage employees. »

Matthieu, consulting engineer

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Our job offers

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Please send your application to the recruitment department at recrutement@technologyandstrategy.com.

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