Motor industry

MAIA Entreprises is aware of the strong technological and economic issues concerning the vehicle of the future, both in terms of the intelligence of the vehicle and alternative energies which will supply it. They strive to invest substantial resources to assist manufacturers and suppliers in the sector, from reflection on concepts to creating the products.


The energy issue has become a priority of the 21st century. The world's population has risen from 1.5 billion to 6 billion in a century, while consumption of energy has multiplied by twenty. With this observation, there is a double challenge for the sustainability of our planet: control the increase and the distribution of energy consumption and produce energy that is cleaner than today. It is within this framework that MAIA Entreprises strives to make an active contribution.


MAIA Entreprises helps companies in the aeronautical sector thanks to its expertise developed in prescriptive, regulatory and security environments, as well as products which are subject to high demands and mechanical and environmental constraints.


MAIA Entreprises offers its clients in the railway sector all its expertise developed in the areas where it operates, such as energy, materials associated with nanotechnology, etc., and which will significantly influence the development of the train of the future.


Industry is affected by great stresses given the significant increase in the costs of materials and environmental constraints. With this observation, MAIA Entreprises is committed to working with its clients in this sector, such as metallurgy, foundry, paper, etc. on optimisation studies, both on products and their processes and methods.

Health / Biomedical / Pharmaceuticals

Industries in the health/biomedical/pharmacy markets are subject to cutting-edge requirements, quality assurance standards associated with particularly strict regulatory constraints. Understanding this, MAIA Entreprises assists its clients in improving the performance of product manufacturing processes in compliance with sector-specific regulatory constraints.


In an international context of price volatility on raw materials markets and in a national environment marked by a period of deflation due to an increasing price war, there has to be innovation. With this observation, MAIA Entreprises assists its clients in this industry via research and the development of new means and methods of gathering raw materials to improve productivity and to bring more value to the finished product.

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We are involved in all phases of the project
Every day we work on the technical, functional or organisational projects of our clients who are mainly major players in industry. The know-how and expertise of our teams of engineers and experienced technicians give us the capacity to respond to any or all phases of a project.
From the strategic study phase to the lifecycle of the project/product, we are able to guarantee the success of the assignments that you entrust to us.




  • Concept research
  • Feasibility studies
  • Value analysis




  • CAD studies
  • Dimensioning and calculation
  • Drawing
  • Prototyping
  • Technical documentation


  • Preproduction analysis
  • Metrological analysis
  • Control method definition
  • Assembly process definition
  • Logistical method definition
  • Human resource definition



Method and continuous improvement

  • Product/process re-engineering
  • Lean Manufacturing (SMED, Just in Time, TPM, Kaizen, PDCA, etc). Industrial performance optimisation (Manufacturing capacity, reduction in rejects, etc.)
  • Management of maintenance plans


  • Design of control methods Quality management system (SMQ)
  • Audit, Inssurance and quality control for suppliers/products/process
  • AMDEC Product / Process
  • PDCA
  • TQM
  • 5S

Supply Chain

  • Kanban
  • ConWIP
  • Just-in-time
  • Supply Chain Management


  • Component purchasing
  • Purchase of manufacturing equipment
  • Purchasing, management and maintenance of tools
  • Cost Killing (product / process / organisation)




  • Cost / Quality / Timeframe / Safety
  • Establishment of project teams
  • Sourcing, qualification and management of suppliers
  • Managing new work
  • Deployment management and transfer of industrial sites
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From general engineering specialised technologies

  • General mechanics (machined parts, sheet metal, welding, foundry
  • Plastics
  • Integration of electronic subassemblies
  • Instrumentation
  • Special machines (pneumatic, hydraulic)
  • Calculation
  • Logistics
  • Quality
  • Purchasing

Engineering, development, prototyping, innovation, testing, quality, simulation, mechanics, approval, industry, product, design, studies, solutions, control, project management, modelling, process, CAD, environment, advice, materials, industry, design.


In order to offer our client the best-suited technical-economic solution, MAIA Entreprises will strive to quickly understand the requirement, the challenges of the project and also the all-pervasive constraints. 

MAIA Entreprises will then be able to offer its client a set of solutions tailored to each stage of the project:

  • Project definition: exchanges between the client and the head of our consultancy office to analyse the requirements in detail and to better appreciate all of the constraints of the client environment
  • Conceptualisation and research into technical solutions: our consultancy organises brainstorming sessions with our engineers and technicians to find technical solutions that are suitable and conform to requirements
  • Prototyping: we create, test and submit the prototype to our client so that they can approve it or for them to bring their most up-to-date requirements
  • Industrialisation: our consultancy studies all the means necessary for the serial manufacture of the product
  • Creation: we support you during implementation (development of assembly instructions, plans, training, etc.) and the deployment of the means of manufacture



Turnkey project

Since 1996 our consultancy office, composed of engineers and technicians specialising in design and mechanical process, has assisted its clients in their industrial projects.

Our strength is to quickly blend into our client's environment (strategy/constraints) to analyse their requirements with them, to create detailed specifications from this and propose a customised turnkey project that is suitable for their environment.
Due to its history, MAIA Entreprises capitalises on more than 20 years of expertise and demonstrates a strong expertise in the development of mechanical products and products finished by the manufacturing method that will produce it (e.g.: special machines). Because of this, our team of experts in mechanical engineering are experts in CAD software such as Creo, Catia, Solidworks, NX, Inventor, etc. and have solid knowledge in industrialisation, which gives them the ability to offer their clients the complete development of a product from its innovation and development to its completion.
From the idea to completion, trust us

Technical Assistance

Totally immersed at our clients' place of work, our teams of consultants strive daily to ensure the successful completion of projects entrusted to them, relying on their skills and expertise, as well as those of a whole team of engineers and technicians who have built up more than 20 years of history and expertise.

  • This assistance within the client's environment facilitates strong and optimal adaptability.
  • This proximity allows us to meet the requirements of the client's technical specifications.
  • This interactivity on a daily basis ensures transparency in exchanges and contributes to the smooth running of the project
  • The integration of our consultants within the client's internal resources leads to the project being completed meeting the three main requirements of quality/cost/timescale.

Together we combine flexibility and performance.

Service Centre

This solution is adapted as the project entrusted to us and requires the deployment of a team of several consultants over several months or even several years.

Our team of consultants is involved either at the client's premises for more interaction and proximity, or at our offices.

This solution offers several advantages including:

  • A capital of expertise at the client's disposal
  • Controlled management of timescales/costs/quality of projects
  • Flexibility to define the working methodology and to accept revisions to the specifications
  • Shared issues and risks between the client and MAIA Entreprises
  • A partnership which gets stronger as the project goes on
  • Greater visibility for MAIA Entreprises and its team


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You have a project, we have the skills and expertise to assist you in its completion.

Whether you need one-off assistance or longer-term for engineering activities, technical assistance, consulting or expertise, we are able to assist.
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